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MVMS values the success of each and every student.  We believe that attendance plays a crucial role in student achievement. Each person in California between the ages of 6 and 18 years, who is not legally exempt, is subject to compulsory school attendance. In partnership with parents/guardians, MVMS will work to ensure compliance with the State and District attendance regulations and to assist in addressing and correcting and problems with chronic absence or truancy to ensure student success.  All absences must be verified by contacting the School Attendance Office and in alignment with the standards of the Board of Education. (BP 5113) (EC 48205).


Reporting Absences

Parents or legal guardians must notify the school of their child’s absence(s). This includes full and partial day absences. You can contact the School Attendance Clerk by calling (951) 845-1627 extension 140105 or emailing [email protected].


Parents or guardians will be given three (3) days to provide the school with documentation for a student’s absence.

A student can be declared a truant on the third unexcused absence. After three days, all uncleared absences will be converted to unexcused. Students with excused absences, as specified, shall be given the opportunity to make-up, for full credit, all assignments and tests missed that can be reasonably provided and completed, with no grade reduced or academic credit lost. (EC 48980).

Chronic Absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or more of school in an academic year (Both excused and unexcused absences). For example: In a 180 day school year, missing 18 days of school.


Tardy Policy


Mountain View Staff values student success, which includes students attending school regularly and on time. The school day begins at 8:15 AM. Being on time sets a positive tone for the entire day, but more importantly helps students practice a valuable life skill that can become an asset for the future as students prepare for college and career.   Please help support your child in practicing this successful skill and encourage your child to get to school every day on time.

School Schedule and Tardy Procedures:

7:55AM            First Bell rings. All students walk to class.

8:00 AM            Second bell rings. Start of the school day. All students should be in their classrooms and in their seats.

8:00 AM             Students arriving after the second bell are tardy. Students must report to the attendance desk inside the front office to obtain a pass in order to be admitted to class.


Excessive tardiness is defined as being tardy more than 10% of the current school session.

If you have questions related to the attendance policy, please feel free to contact Administration or the Attendance Office by contacting (951) 845-1627.