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All athletes during the 2019-2020 school year will need to follow the following procedures for athletics.


Students wishing to try out for any sports will need to fill out the athletic tryout waiver and turn it in to the coach for the specific sport you are trying out for. Grades will be checked before final team list is posted.  Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher with no F's on previous quarter grades and no F's in current grades


Students who make a team will need to fill out the Athletic Packet and turn it in to Coach Grable.  This packet will be valid for the entire school year.  Once the student has fully filled out the athletic packet, has a current physical on file (valid for 1 year from date of physical), and holds a 2.0 GPA and passing all classes he/she will be eligible to compete in games.


Students who have turned in the athletic packet for a prior sport will still need to fill out a new tryout waiver and for every additional sport that they play.


Need game and practice information.  Add the Google Calendar for Mountain View athletics.  Use the link below and then click the + in the bottom right corner to add this to your calendar.

Mountain View Athletics Google Calendar


 If you have questions please email:


Kaylee Grable

Athletic Coordinator

Need Specific Mountain View Athletic Paperwork?


Sports Calendar for the 2019-2020 School Year

Click here to go to the Google Calendar for Mt. View Athletics

Please check frequently for updates.

2019 Girls soccer team

2018 Girl Soccer Team

2018-2019 Spirit Club

2019 Archery team

Archery Group Pic

2019 Boys Basketball team

Boys basketball

2018 Girls basketball team

girls basketball



 2018 Girls Softball Team


 2018 Cross Country

2018 Cross Country

 2018 Flag FootBall

2018 Flag Football

2018 VolleyBall

2018 Volleyball

2018 Boys soccer team

2018 Boys Soccer Team


2019-2020 Game information:

Kaylee Grable

Athletic Coordinator

 Volleyball Scores:

Mountain View v.s Nicolet:

Mountain View v.s Park View



Mountain View v.s San G:

Mountain View v.s Mesa View:




Mountain View v.s Park View:

Mountain View v.s Highland Academy:



Mountain View v.s San G:




Volleyball Championship To Be Determine...
Volleyball Championship To Be Determine...

 Flag Football Scores:

Mountain View v.s Nicolet:


Mountain View v.s Park View: 


Mountain View v.s San G:


Mountain View v.s Mesa View:

Mountain View v.s Park View:

Mountain View v.s Highland Academy:

Mountain View v.s San G

Football Championship To Be Determine...
Football Championship To Be Determine...

Volleyball Roster

Shelby Benitez, Carissa Chavez

Ashlyn Cole, Isabella Cooper,

Mackenzie Diggs, Melanie Jara,

Keira Kuskowski, Miranda McClure,

Addyson Mellinger, Alya Nunag,

Mackenzie Rudell, Wesleya Ruiz,

Charlyann Soriano, Jenna Umscheid,

Jaidin Watts


Flag Football Roster

Sam Adams,

Johathan Albaugh,

Zachary Buley, Reginald Caldwell,

Deven Casillas, Aiden Colon,

Christian Cooper, Isaiah Diaz,

Hector Garcia, Mario Gordillo,

Drieu Henderson, Colby Miller,

Aiden Mirandor, Noah Nunez,

Christopher Perez, Ryan Rangel,

Kyle Smith, 

Kaileb Webb, Micah Williams


Mountain View Sports


Flag Football and Volleyball

2019 Game Schedule


Girls and Boys Cross Country

Season starting at the beginning of September

2019 Race Schedule


Boys and Girls Slow Pitch Softball (separate teams)
Season starting in late October


Boys and Girls Basketball (separate teams)

Season starting in January (tryouts held before winter break)



Season starting in January


Spirit Club

Year long commitment. Tryouts are at the end of 6th and 7th grade


Boys and Girls Soccer (separate teams)

Season starting in March


Our games will be with San Gorgonio Middle School, Highland Academy, Park View Middle School, Mesa View Middle School, and Nicolet Middle School (with the exception of cross country and archery which will have other teams from California and out of state.


Teams will consist of approximately 15 players with the exception of cross country and archery.


Students wishing to participate will need to be passing all classes at the time of the season and must have a valid physical on file once you have made the team.  A tryout waiver signed by parent/guardian and given to the coach on the first day of tryouts is mandatory for each sport played. (once a student makes the team they must receive a physical and submit an athletic packet it to the athletic department which will be on file for the current school year).

Coaches for teams will be updated closer to each season.


If you have any questions please contact

 Kaylee Grable

Athletic Coordinator