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ASB- Associated Student Body

2020-2021 Asb Officers

President - Clemit Lockhart

Vice President -  Raela Salagubang

Spirit Commissioner -  Jocelyn Hernandez

Secretary-  Liliana Perez

Treasurer - Natalee Toon StickerTalk Paw Print with Cougar Mascot Vinyl Sticker, 5  inches by 4.75 inches : Automotive

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ASB is a representative group of Mountain View Middle School students who communicate and interact with the student body to create and uphold a positive school environment. We do this by hosting activities, fundraising, enhancing school spirit, and contributing to the community through service. We are striving for excellence every day.


STOP!!!! If you or a friend are:

A) Thinking about bullying

B) Are bullying 

C) Being bullied

D) Know a bully

If you ever need anyone to talk to, students of ASB are always available to have a confidential conversation with.