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This year your child will receive only the signature page for our handbook.  All PE classes read through the handbook during class and were shown how to access this link.  If you would like a paper copy of our PE handbook please email:
PE Department Chair


PE clothes can be purchased the following ways:
*Online through the MVMS Webstore.  Click on the Account button on the upper right hand side to log in or create an account.
*In person at the MVMS ASB Office 
*Send cash or check with your student after the first day of school to be purchased during PE, at lunch, or afterschool. 
$25: Combo Set - Mountain View PE Shirt and Shorts

$15: Mountain View PE Shorts   

$15: Mountain View PE Shirt   

$22: Mountain View PE Sweatshirt

$22: Mountain View PE Sweatpants (Joggers)




~Limited Quantities~

We will not be ordering any more of this style PE clothes, once sold out of items they are no longer available


Adult Sizes Only!!
 XL MVMS Shirt- $ 5
 XL MVMS Sweatpants- $10
XL MVMS Sweatshirt -$10

We also have Cougar socks for $8.00.
Thank you for your continued support,
Kaylee Grable

PE Athletic Coordinator



Your student will be taking the physical fitness test in February.  California uses Fitness Gram for their standard.  The level your student needs to be at is determined by their age and gender.  Below you will find the chart with the fitness test expectations.  The mile run is determined by the student's BMI, which is a ratio between their height and weight; age; and gender.  Students need to ask their PE teacher what their individual mile time is.

Age Mile Run Curl Up (sit up) Push Up Sit and Reach Shoulder Stretch  Trunk Lift
10   12 7 8 **Touch**  9-12 inches
11   15 8 8 **Touch**  9-12 inches
12   18 10 8 **Touch**  9-12 inches
13   21 12 8 **Touch**  9-12 inches
14   24 14 8 **Touch**  9-12 inches
15   24 16 8 **Touch**  9-12 inches 


Age Mile Run Curl Up (sit up) Push Up Sit and Reach Shoulder Stretch  Trunk Lift
10   12 7 9 **Touch**  9-12 inches
11   15 7 10 **Touch**  9-12 inches
12   18 7 10 **Touch**  9-12 inches
13   18 7 10 **Touch**  9-12 inches
14   18 7 10 **Touch**  9-12 inches
15   18 7 12 **Touch** 9-12 inches 

Shoulder Stretch Healthy Fitness Zone = touching fingertips together behind the back on both the right and left sides. 


If you are absent from PE OR you are sick/injured and do not participate in PE, you will need to do a make up assignment in Google Classroom.
PE Teachers

Please see your PE teacher for further Make up assignment instructions.