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There will be a few more spots open. If you would like to know how you can improve come and see me.

Aaliyah Austin, Catherine Balaguer, Nicole Barber, Raymond Cabral, Emily Doty, Amanda Downer, Emily Eberhardt, Monet Flowers, Marco Franco, Luke Gerrish, Amaris Gradilla, Andre Hare, Megan Hayes, Lily Healey, Alyssa Herbert, Cassidy Heusser, Jayden Hillegaart, Audrey Hutchins, Abigale Jones, Courtney Justice, Presely Kobold, Andrew Lerma, Alexis Mendoza, Haidyn Minick, Aracely Morales, Isabella Munoz, Briana Pena-Sanchez, Kimberly Salan, daisy Salgado, Mikayla Sarpy, Abbigial Tafoya, Nicole Ternes, Anjaly Thoa, Amaree Thomas, Campbell Toquero, Celine Valdovinos, Serenity Vong, Gavin Waters, Madison Weiske.
Choir group photo