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Celebrating Reading and the Arts! March 7, 2020

Flyer with Text and Pictures of Cat in the Hat
Flyer with Text and Pictures of Cat in the Hat

Not In My Backyard: How To Keep Our Kids Safe From Sex Trafficking

Flyer with Information on Meeting

UPDATE: School Status for BHS & MVMS for Friday, November 1

We’re happy to notify you power has been restored at both Mountain View Middle School and Beaumont High School. Regularly scheduled classes will resume tomorrow (Friday, November 1, 2019).


In addition, a high wind advisory by the National Weather Service for our area expired at 6:00 p.m. All other Beaumont USD schools that operated on an inclement weather schedule today, will also resume normal school activities tomorrow (Friday).


Warnings still remain in effect by Southern California Edison (SCE) regarding Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) in Riverside County. A shutoff can occur when SCE determines that weather conditions (i.e. high winds) could increase the risk of wildfires. For more information regarding PSPS, visit Southern California Edison’s website.


The Riverside County Emergency Management Department is stating that because the city of Beaumont is located in an area prone to high winds, Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and warnings for such events are a new standard, especially during this time of year.


The Beaumont Unified School District has processes and protocols in place to respond to power outages at our sites. For updates, please check ParentSquare, the District’s social media, and website. 


Thank you.

Be Ready Beaumont College & Career Fair

College and Career Fair Flyer

Welcome Back to the 2019-20 School Year!

We can't even begin to share how exciting it was to see all of our Beaumont USD Families and Students return to school on August 7! Please see a special video message from our Superintendent Terrence Davis.
Welcome Back to the 2019-20 School Year
2019-20 Meal Applications
Access Our Online Meal Application He Online Meal Application Here
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State Grant Brings Extra Arts Funding to School Districts

Beaumont USD was awarded the second largest grant in the state. Students are benefitting from new state of the art music equipment, advanced graphic design software, maker spaces in all District libraries, art supplies, industry-standard hardware, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) equipment, and various strategic programs that will be delivered by highly trained and qualified teachers.
Student Using Advanced Digital Arts Software

Information Regarding Incident at Mountain View Middle School

Important Information

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you to all of our Beaumont USD Teachers for all that you do for our students! We Love You!


Twitter post from Superintendent Davis thanking teachers for teacher appreciation day

App Helps Students "ReThink" Posting or Sending Negative Messages on Social Media

In an effort to provide Anti-bullying Awareness and Maintain a Safe Environment for all Students, the Beaumont Unified School District is sharing an important tool for parents and students to help stop cyberbullying.

Superintendent Parent Advisory


The Parent Advisory Committee is comprised of parent representatives from school sites to provide the Superintendent with feedback and insight from a parent's perspective on school processes, issues, policies and initiatives to ensure that the needs of parents and their families are included as decisions are made in the District.







Board Study Session: Facilities Planning


The Board of Trustees of the Beaumont Unified School District will conduct a study session on facilities planning at the March 5, 2019, Board meeting. The session will begin at 4:30 P.M. The session is a continuation of discussions on options for grade level configuration and secondary planning.


If you have questions or concerns, please email:

Beaumont USD & Beaumont Police Department Host Active Shooter Training for Staff

In early 2018, the Beaumont Unified School District and the Beaumont Police Department began a partnership to address crisis intervention, emergency preparedness, communication strategies, and collaborative training between Beaumont USD staff, students, parents, and the Beaumont Police Department, as well as the general public.
In May 2018, a School Emergency Response Team (SERT) was assembled with various representatives from Beaumont USD and the Beaumont Police Department. This team began meeting on a semi-monthly basis to discuss crisis response and coordination of a plan to implement District-wide training for staff and students.
For the last several months the Beaumont Police Department has conducted school site trainings with Beaumont USD staff at each of the District’s thirteen (13) school campuses and other service locations.
Today, February 15, 2019, the Beaumont Unified School District in collaboration with the Beaumont Police Department, hosted a simulated active shooter event for over 900 District employees. The purpose of today’s event was to simulate an actual active shooter event occurring on the high school campus; demonstrating lockdown procedures, police response and evacuation protocols. Over 60 students, from various service clubs also participated in the event, role-playing as students and victims to make the event more realistic.
The scenario was meant to open dialogue and further discussion into how District Staff, Employees and the Police Department will respond in a real- world event, such as this.
Beaumont USD looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Beaumont Police Department as we plan for future trainings.
More information about this program and available trainings, events, etc. will be announced as the information becomes available

The Board of Trustees held a special Board meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2019, to continue the discussion of growth at the secondary level within the Beaumont Unified School District.




A planning committee developed short and mid-term options to accommodate the growth, and asked the community for their feedback through a Thoughtexchange survey on the proposed options in October 2018.


Presentations on growth and the impact on facilities were made to the Board of Trustees on September 25, with a follow-up presentation on the results from the Thoughtexchange on November 13, 2018. The audio for both of these presentations is available HERE.  


The special Board meeting on January 12, was conducted to further study the projected student enrollment numbers and explore potential options, including grade reconfiguration, multi-track year-round schools, creating a 9th-grade campus, and converting San Gorgonio Middle School into a high school.


The Board of Trustees acknowledged the community's desire for an additional high school; however, with the construction of such a school estimated at 200 million dollars, and with concerns on how this would be funded, the Board agreed that building a new high school at this time is not fiscally viable nor responsible. However, the Board agreed to move forward on seeking available options for land to be purchased in order to accommodate a high school in the future.


The Board concluded the meeting with each member sharing their thoughts on the options presented, the majority favoring a grade configuration of TK-6. It’s important to note, the meeting was informational only, and the Board of Trustees did not take action on any of the options discussed. Additional data will be collected and presented at future Board meetings.


We would like to thank our staff and community members for attending the meeting and your interest in helping shape the future of Beaumont USD. Your voice matters!


Questions or concerns regarding the proposed options, please email:


Join the Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee on Wednesday, January 16 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. 
You will be able to provide the Superintendent with feedback and insight from your perspective as a parent on school process, policies, and initiatives to ensure that the needs of our families are included as decisions are made in the District.
 Over the past 20 years, the population in the city of Beaumont has nearly quadrupled. That prompted KVCR listener Mario Gonzalez to ask us: with all of the people moving to Beaumont, what are the plans to build more schools and infrastructure to keep up?

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you to all of our Beaumont USD Teachers for all that you do for our students.  We love you!