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Spirit Club is a competition based cheer leading squad representing Mountain View. Starting from scratch, they developed top-rated cheer routines including lifts, flips and dance. Coach Macias choreographed and organizes the routines and stunts for the team. The girls are relentless in their pursuit of perfection. For any questions please email [email protected].
September 10th: Uniform Fitting and Team Store (
Your child will be able to check out their uniform every Thursday through the library and will return it every Friday at practice. The uniform will be the same one each time and placed in a ziplock bag. Parents/Guardians will need to purchase the following:
-Spiritflex Lite Boy-Cut Brief in black $10.99
-2 Metallic 6 Inch Black Pom $11.99 each
-Any BLACK sports bra- There is a cute one in the store but it is pricey so feel free to purchase from somewhere else :)
- A pair of WHITE Cheer Shoes from anywhere. There are two in the Team Store, however, they are pricey. You can refer to Amazon or Walmart. Here are some examples 
Purchasing Uniforms
If you are wanting to purchase the ENTIRE Uniform, you will need to contact Jacy Moore and let her know you are with MVMS Spirit Club with Miss Macias and are wanting to purchase the uniform. Those that purchase the uniform will keep it at home for the entire year and will keep it in their possession. Your student will not need to check a uniform out from the library on Thursdays.
Jacy Moore
520 McCall Road
Mahattan, KS 66502
P:800-336-4486 X 1224
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